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What are eye exercises to decrease ptosis?

Do you guys know any good eye exercises that can help relieve your droopy eyelid?
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  • Luis lewis


    People suffered from Ptosis usually have a dropping upper eyelids. And there are many reasons that can cause dropping eyelids like congenita. Usually, a eyelids surgery can fix the ptosis. As far as know, some exercise can also help the eyes. In details, In order to increase focus and movement of the eyelid muscle, you can choose eye patch exercise. You can wear eye patch on your health eye, and then try to focus something with the affected eyes, it can help you exercise the eyelid muscle. Hope this work for you.
  • Kyle


    To begin with, you should know that ptosis is actually droopy eyelids. Maybe your eyelids are not as droopy as they can block your vision but I still think that droopy eyelids make me look not nice. You can try moving your eyes in clockwise movements. It is not that hard, right? You can do it every few min during an hour. Some people also said that we can use eye patch to remove our droopy eyelids but I don' t think I can agree with this. This will get our eyes infected quite easily. You had better not do that.