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Why eye bags are formed?

What makes our eye bags to form?
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  • Charley


    There are many factors that contribute to eye bags. In common, lacking of sleep, tired, reading too much and drinking too much water at night can be the causes. Besides, some eye diseases are the reason of eye bags such as pink eyes, eye infection, eye allergy and damages from accident etc. If so, after you cure your eyes, you can get rid of eye bags. In addition, gene is another reason for the eye bags. If you got it from heredity, you are suggest to take a eyelid surgery to remove the eye bags.


    It is kind of in relation with your age, I think. In fact, not just eye bags, as you age, some other eye problems such as dark circles, eye wrinkles and some other bad eye problems will also come to find you. You can do nothing to stop this. But you can just stop complaining and begin to take action to this. From now on, you need to control the salt you take in every day, and it has been proved that people who eat less salt can live a longer life. What is more, you need to get enough sleep every day. Don' t stay up any more or at least try not to stay up, okay? If it is convenient for you, you may give yourself a cool compress when you lie on the bed.