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How to drain eye when puffy?

What can I do to relieve my puffy eyes? Any suggestions?
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  • Ieff


    To cure puffy eyes, you shall find the reason why your eyes are puffy. If your puffy eyes caused by infection, you shall use some antibiotic drops to reduce the puffiness. If your puffy eyes caused by allergy, you shall see a doctor and consult a treatment. If your puffy eyes caused by tired, getting a good rest can cure it. Anyway, no matter what cause the puffiness of the eyes, you can apply cold compress to reduce it temporarily. But cold compresses can't cure puffy eyes, So, still required to find the causes so as to cure it. If your eyes get puffiness seriously, consult a doctor.
  • David garcia


    In order to solve them, you have to find what causes them so that you can take right measures. First of all, make sure you get enough sleep every day. If you already have good living habits, then I guess your puffy eyes may be caused by a sinus infection. You need to decide if you need to go to an eye doctor according to the extent how you suffer from it. By the way, do you have hemorrhoid cream? You can get some of that coz you can apply some hemorrhoid cream under your eyes. I am sure this will give you a direct good effect.

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