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What are good eye exercises to stop eye twitching?

Do you guys know any ways to stop eye twitching? What should be done?
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  • Catherine williams


    It is really boring to suffered from eye twitching. If your eyes twitch, keep calm, and stat with hard blinking. You can try to close your eyes as tight as you can. And then suddenly open your eyes as wide as you can. Exercise it several times till your eyes burst of tears. Then, you shall massage the bottom eyelids with your middle fingers. Then, blink your eyes more often to moisten your eyes. Hope this can help you stop eye twitching.
  • handxrxtied


    Actually, I don' t know any eye exercises that can stop your eye twitching. But I do know some ways that can relieve this situation. How about applying a cool compress? This usually works and my mother has tried it a lot of times. But you had better make sure the towel or the cloth is very clean or what else you will get is not only just eye twitching but also an eye infection, lol. Remember that you can never use a warm compress to handle this. Because a warm compress will just bring more blood to your vessels and which will accelerate your eye twitching.

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