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How to remove lenses from metal glasses?

Any good ways to get my lenses out of my metal glasses? I don' t want to break my glasses.
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  • b3a2b3y


    It is a little bit hard to get lenses out of your metal frames than plastic frames. Because you may break your frame easily. First of all, you need to prepare a tiny screwdriver. But before you take a move, you need to place your glasses in warm water which can be good for the lenses slightly getting away from the frame. Then you can take your glasses out in about 10 min. Next is the most important, slowly and carefully, you remove the screws from the metal. It may sound easy but really very difficult to do it. Anyway, good luck to you!
  • Victor Lee


    Evaluate the glasses to determine the best way of removing the lenses. Lenses will either be a pop-out style or held in place by screws at the temples. Hold the lens using your microfiber cloth. This will protect the lens from scratches while you work. Use the small screwdriver from the eyeglass kit to loosen the screw located at the temple of your glasses. As you loosen, the frame will release and the lens will pop out. Repeat on the other side. Use the microfiber cloth to hold the lens and gently press the back of the glass forward. The back is the surface closest to your eye. Press near the top of the lens and continue pushing with an even, yet gentle pressure until the lens pops out. Repeat on the other side.
  • Erin


    It is easy to remove lenses from the metal glasses. Usually, for common eyeglasses frame, you can remove the lenses by pushing the lenses out towards. If your eyeglasses frame gold your lenses tightly, you have to use screwdriver. Just lose the screws on the side of the front frame, then you can take out of the lenses easily. Then, tighten the screws. You can get a pair of eyeglasses frame only.
  • Rebecca


    You will need to properly remove your eyeglass lenses if you are changing frames or if you would like to clean or adjust the lenses. For metal frames, you can release the lenses by loosening the screws on either side of the glasses. Work with a gentle hand to avoid damaging the frames or the lenses.
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