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What does it mean when my eyes are sticky?

I think it is kind of disgusting when my eyes are sticky. What does that mean? Am I ill?
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  • griffin


    From your description, it sounds like bacterial eye infection. People who suffered from the infection in the eyes are usually suffered from sticky eyes and eye discharges. Still, watery eyes and red eyes, dry eyes and allergy eyes are also considered as the causes of sticky eyes. If you want to treat it, you'd better see a doctor so as to make sure what's the causes of your sticky eyes. And the treatment for your sticky eyes depends on the causes.
  • ct_exposed


    Oh, right, I once had the symptom as well when I got an pink eye. You should be careful guy. When I got a pink eye, I not only get sticky eyes but also watery eyes, scratchy eyes,etc. Anyway, those damn symptoms really make me feel very uncomfortable. I don' t think you want to have a try. Well, I don' t mean that what you get is an pink eye, an eye infection or an eye inflammation is also very possible. You just need to observe your eyes for a few more days. If this situation still keeps going on, then you really need to go to your ophthalmologist. Hope this helps.