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Do eye exercises work to improve vision ?

I am usually told that eye exercises can work to improve your vision, really? Is that true?
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  • Jordyn


    I think they work, somehow. We have been told that eye exercises can help improve our vision since we were kids. And I never doubt that. Actually, I have been insisting doing this for years. And until now I still own very perfect eyesight. Of course you can' t count on to have super vision suddenly if you are already nearsightedness. This is a long way to go. By the way, to be honest, I think doing them even make my shape of eyes nicer, lol.
  • Erin


    Yes. Doing eye exercise regularly is good for the eyes. But it need a long time if you want to improve your vision through eye exercises. Besides, during this time, you shall not read too much on computer screen and cellphone screen. If you have to a lot of reading, just remember that take a break every hour for sake of your eyes. Besides, You shall try to focus something far away from you every day. It can help exercise your eye muscle thus to do something good to your eyes. So, just do it with persistence. You may notice your eyesight improve about half a year latter.

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