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Noah rupert


Is there a Bifocal Contact Lenses For Astigmatism?

I wear progressive eye glasses now. I would love to switch to contact lenses but I have astigmatism. Is there new contact lenses out now? And how successful are they? And about what is the cost?
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  • 04/12/2012

    yes ,there is . Actually the bifocal contacts lenses have been in market for a long time . but until recently they weren't very popular.Older bifocal designs didn't satisfy many people, resulting in frustration among wearers and prescribers alike. Today, with the applying of new technology , more successful designs have been designed . So if one design doesn't work for you, another might. the price varies a lot . you can get for $30 as well as $300 .
  • Kevin percy


    There are now the contact lenses with astigmatism which are especially designed for the astigmatism people. They will be a little more expensive than those common contact lenses. You could go to the near eyeglasses real store to have a look. Such kind of eyeglasses will be very suitable for you.
  • crystalwhip


    I quite understand your urgency to try contact lenses. However, astigmatism is not to be cured by a pair of contact lenses. But there are contact lenses that can help people wirh astigmatism. Besides, astigmatism could be helped by glasses. So, you had better try not to do so.