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Can lyme disease cause eye floaters?

I am told that lyme disease can easily cause eye floaters, is that true? Will it be serious? What measures should I take now?
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  • Victor


    Well, generally speaking, yes, lyme disease can just lead to eye floaters. And that is why so many people get much eye floaters when they suffer from lyme disease. As we know that lyme disease is a kind of bacterial infection which can be very serious. And because of that, many systems in your body should be damaged. For example, it will just affect nerve system. And of course, tear system can be affected too. And then, eye floaters can just be a problem, for they become much more than before. At this moment, in my opinion, you just need to have more water and fruits to relieve it. And of course, just have some advices from doctor too.
  • Matthew harris


    As far as i know, lyme disease won't cause eye floaters. Eye floaters often happen to people with vision problems. Themselves are harmless. They are just small moving spots in your field of vision. Some people may feel they are troublesome. But they won't hurt you. However, if you find the eye floaters increase quickly in a short time, you must be careful. Visit a doctor!. As for lyme disease is infection disease on your skin. It won't affect on your eyes. And lyme disease can be cured. Just consult your doctor!