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Cathy Dailey


Does face complexion affect how sunglasses look?

I always hear that we should choose sunglasses according to our face shape. I just wonder if the face complexion affect how sunglasses look?
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  • Neil


    Yes, face complexion can affect how sunglasses look. Typically, the sunglasses lens color, dark brown, gray and green are good for our eyes. When you select the sunglasses, you should consider the color of skin, face, dressing and so on. The color of your skin for you to choose what kind of sunglasses is essential. Generally, there are warm colors and cool colors. The color of our glasses should be consistent with the skin tones so that it looks more coordinated. For example, if you are a dark complexion, it is recommended that you should choose the blue. Similarly, if your skin color is white, perhaps it will be perfect. You can have a lot of choices.
  • Bruce Robot


    Face complexion is one factor that affects how you look while wearing sunglasses. Generally speaking, our face complexion comes in two groups: cool coloring and warm coloring. For people who have a cool complexion, you can choose dark or tortoise sunglasses. For people having warm complexion, brown, dark, copper sunglasses are good choices.

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