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Jason warren


How long does it take to get used to multifocal contact lenses?

My doctor prescribed me a pair of multifocal contact lenses and told me that i need sometime to get used to it. But i forgot to ask him how long does take to get used to it? Any idea?
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    I never wear multifocal contact lenses, so i can't tell you how long you need. But my grandfather told people that time for adaption is different for each person. He told me that he almost spend half a month to adapt the lenses. Besides, you also need to visit the doctor again if you meet some problem, he/she may help you to adapt the lenses. Good luck.
  • Jordan smith


    Well, generally, it will take about one week to adjust them, so you do not need to worry about it. And of course, for some people, it can be hard to adjust them, and it will make your eyes hurt, stressed. To buy them, you can buy them on yahoo shopping which is very famous for its products. And also, you have a chance to get the discount. But on the other hand, when you choose to buy them on the online shop, and they are not so expensive, so you should worry about the price. And their prices vary from $20 to $60. Anyway, you can just buy one pair.
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