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Debbie Morton


What will happen if I use expired contact lenses? Is it dangerous?

I forgot the expired time of my contact lenses and worn it for many days. But today i find the box of the contact lenses that it shows the contact lenses are overdue yesterday. So, what will happen if i continue to wear it? Is it dangerous?
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  • Gregory A Meetze


    Yes, it is great risks of wearing expired contact lenses. Usually, the expired time is determined by manufacturer according to their products. Once the contact lenses over the time, the safety, and function of the contact lenses are not promised. It will not provide the same function as they were new. Besides, the overdue contact lenses are likely infected by many bacterium. Since the lenses are required to touch eyes directly, it is really risks to cause infections of your eyes.
  • kathy


    It's absolutely dangerous to wear expired contact lenses. Though there are many types of contact lens, like daily, monthly, yearly contact lenses. They still have their own life cycle. That is to say, when you wear contact lenses, protein is deposited on it. The contact lens' functions of keeping wetness and passing oxygen would disappear. Therefore, the contact lens would be expired if you don't wear them during the valid period. And it would harm your eyes if you do that.

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