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What kind of face shape look best on aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses look cool for both men and women. Will it look cool on me? What kind of face shape looks best on aviator sunglasses?
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  • enycelilmamii


    You needn't worry, aviator sunglasses also vary in different types. You can pick up one suitable according to your face shape. Besides, aviator style sunglasses are the most common style and widely spread. They can fit for lots of people with square shape, heat shape and long shape etc. So Just try on and test it out yourself.
  • Warren


    Aviator sunglasses on the face are a bit picky: The men with an aquiline nose look better and the woman with small face and high nose can try. Small face and large lens to form a sharp contrast, you may mutually adjust overall, form a highly personalized effect.