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Debbie Morton


Why do women like to wear oversized sunglasses?

I saw so many women in streets cover a pair of oversized sunglasses. Why do women like it? What do you think of them?
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  • Robert Potter


    I think the most obvious factor that women fancy oversized sunglasses is that wearing oversized sunglasses can make their face look smaller. Almost every woman wants to have a small face. In fact, oversized sunglasses do have the capability to make women's face look prettier and smaller. In addition, oversized sunglasses are in style in recent years and become good stylish accessory. In summer, women pay attention to eye protection against strong rays in order to protect their skin and eyes. I love oversized sunglasses and I think they will not go out style in the near future.
  • cwalsman


    Because super oversized sunglasses are one of the best value-for-money fashion items, It has become indispensable necessities of a lot of stars. Wearing super oversized sunglasses was noble and can increase the sense of authority. And face looks thinner wearing sun super oversized sunglasses. But because of it is larger and darker, the whole face is easy to appear too pale, you should be sure to avoid dark blush.
  • no




    Thank you Aimee, just surfing to see nice new models