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What are side effects of eye patch?

I heard that eye patch will help people with lazy eyes. But it also brings some side effects. So, what are the side effects of wearing it?
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  • Austin gerard


    Generally, it does not. As long as you do not make too tight, it do not hurt your eyes. On the contrary, it will be harmful to the nerves and blood vessels. Even it can affect vision and cause glaucoma. If this is the case, you should loosen enough eye patches to protect your eyes. On the other hand, sleep in light really harmful to the body, causing the body to secrete a melanin. We recommend that your sleep under normal circumstances and rest the eyes. It is the only way to ensure that you sleep in relaxed.
  • creatingme


    The lazy eyes are also called amblyopia, which mean the poor vision in an eye that didn't develop normal sight during the early stage of childhood. As recommended, the eye patch should cover the good eye, thus the enfant would have trouble to see at first. And some children would try to take the patch off that would delay the effective treatment.
  • Jose


    Eye patch is often used for treatment of lazy eyes. By wearing the eye patch over the good eye, people can force using their lazy eye in order to exercise eye muscle. However, there is a side effect called reverse lazy eye in the other eye needing us to avoid. Long time covered by the eye patch, the good eye cannot be used. Therefore, it might lead to the function of good eye weaken. You have to follow the doctor's advice about the wearing time to avoid this side effect happen.
  • Maye


    Because the eye is a sensitive organ, if you put the patch directly on the eyes which will cause eye irritation, when you take down the patch, you may feel temporarily blurred vision. It is recommended that people wrap a thin layer of towel in the cooling patch which can reduce the stimulation of the eyes. In addition, the patches should be cleaned regularly to prevent the breeding of bacteria that will affect eye health. From a medical perspective, patches generally will not cause eye injury, but patches are various in the market and the materials of patches are different. Because the skin around the eyes is tender, the public is advised to buy patched which are natural and soft with no pungent odor and tries not to buy patches with the large plastic taste. Secondly, the elastic of patches should be fit not too loosely or tightly.
  • Linda


    I doubt they could do some damage for your eyes if you wear it for a long time.maybe they would strengthen one and weaken the other.