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Carlos rodney


Can anyone tell me how to use pinhole glasses? Help!

I just got a pair of pinhole glasses. This is the first time wearing pinhole glasses. I feel weird with it. Is it normal? Can you tell me how to wear the glasses? Do i need time to get used to the glasses?
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  • Jen.C


    Yes, it is need time to adapt the glasses. Usually, if you never wear pinhole glasses, you can wear it just only five minutes a day for the first few days. In the rest of time, you can still wear your sunglasses or eyeglasses. Then, you can add the time to 15-20 minutes daily. In fact, you can try to extend the time everyday gradually till you can completely get used to the pinhole glasses.
  • chokeyourthroat


    You really need a period of time to get used to them. You can wear pinhole glasses for 5 minutes a day for the first few days and wear your normal glasses or contact lenses the rest of the time. After the period for adaptation, you will find that the pinholes may seem to disappear and any initial multiple images will also diminish. If you are long-sighted, you can wear them to read or work for 15 minutes or more a day. If you are short-sighted, you can wear them while watching TV or relaxing outside. Pinhole glasses have also been found to considerably reduce headaches and stress in people who do a lot of close work or spend prolonged periods in front of computer screens. Besides, they can also be used as sunglasses.
  • chriso1984


    Pinhole glasses, whose lenses are full of tiny holes, can improve your vision. Because pinhole glasses allow only a slim beam of light into the eyes, they can correct the problem caused by refractive errors in eyes. You just need put on them and try to see things from the holes. In the beginning, you might feel weird, but after a few minutes adaptation, you will find you can see thing clearly and feel relaxed.