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Angelica giles


Can a 6 year old wear contacts?

My daughter is born with myopia. But I don' t want her to wear glasses coz that may change her nose shape. I would love to know if a 6 year old can wear contacts.
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  • Robert Potter


    No, it is absolutely not allowed to let a child of only six years old to wear eye contacts. This is because that the crystalline lenses have not get well developed at this age, and wearing eye contacts will easily deform the shape of the crystalline lenses, making the condition of myopia even worse. Besides, children at this age are not able to take care of their eyes and eye contacts by themselves, so they can not do well in wearing contacts and hygiene of their eyes. Therefore, you should take your daughter to a professional hospital to ask the doctor to make a prescribed eyeglasses especially intended for children. And supervise your daughter not to wear the eyeglasses for too long, nor read or watch TV for too long. Let her eat more cod-liver oil and dairy products as well as vegetables and fruits which are good for the eyes.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Your daughter can wear contact lenses if either she or you can take the responsibility to care the contact lenses. The contact lenses usually cannot negatively affect the eyes of a young child, for there is some cases in which children younger than 6 wear contact lenses. Children are less likely to be conscientious enough to wear contact lenses and even some 13-year-old teenagers are impotent wearers. The cases of successful adaption to contact lenses among children are not so many. The adaption of children to discomfort, their independence and parental involvement have much to do with it. So you should consider these facts. Actually, contact lenses are the best choice for children with eye problems because children are active in various sports and the contacts will more effectively correct the eye problems.

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