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Why do my eyes itch when i cry?

My eyes feel itchy when i cry. Why?
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  • Isabelle garcia


    According to what you said, you you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome or asthenopia. Tearing may make the dry eyes feel uncomfortable, then your eyes get itchy. You shouldn't those kind of eye drops which contain anti-inflammation elements. Artificial tears without preservatives can help you get rid of this problem. So, you need to be wise and careful when you choose artificial tears.
  • Vidadimir


    You will find your eyes itchy and turn red after crying, and it is normal and no need to be worried. The reason of it is just because the blood circulation congests when you cry, then the muscle around your eyes will contract. This time you must avoid rubbing the eyes with the hands. If the virus get into your eyes, it will get infection. You could close your eyes after wipe the tears away with clean and wet towel. Then this kind of situation will disappear after 4-6 hours later. You also can do some massage softy around your eyes. Ice compress will help out in short time. If it is serious, use a little eye drop to diminish inflammation. It will be ok after a while, but please don't cry again, forget what makes you sorrow, and then your eye will keep well all the time.
  • Alexa murphy


    If you are unwell because of crying, please stop crying and let smile on your face. To determine the causes of your itchy eyes during crying, the steps as follows may work: firstly, think over whether you have any basic eye problems or get eye disorder recently or not, and then ask your family if there any inherited eye disease your whole family owns. Well, if these possibles all not exist, I think you have nothing wrong with your eyes. You feel itchy when crying just because the nerves about your eyes are so tired and the films are blockage. At that moment, the only thing can you do is stop crying and take a good rest in order to relax your nerves and smooth films. Personally, crying a while every two weeks is really good to reduce bad mood and relax. However, constantly crying is harmful to your health and your mood and your spirit.