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What are the prescription glasses trends 2013?

I want to buy a pair of fashion prescription glasses. Do you have any idea?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Based on what I see from those magazines and the products in glasses store. nerd glasses are most popular this year. And other frame may be alike, such as the glasses with big frame. However, the difference may be the color, designers put more colorful factors into glasses, which can help people express themselves more accurately. This is the trend, not only dose it happened in the glasses filed, but also in the clothes field.
  • Riley eddy


    A pair of fashion prescription glasses will surely ensure you a good start of the new year 2013. To make it better, there are numerous types of fashionable and interesting trends 2013. The hottest trends of prescription glasses are the latest 2013 Ray Ban glasses , Victoria Beckham glasses, Karina Karlsson glasses, Burberry glasses, Valentino eyewear, Roberto Cavalli, Efva Attling, etc.. OK, now it's your turn to pick one type that flatters you the most.
  • handwithlighter


    Yes, I think I can give some simple tips on this aspect. Unlike the trend in past few years, people now began to love some reaationary style and the lenses are getting bigger. They tend to prefer the simple designed frames which is elegant and graceful. Some designers combine eyeglasses with jewelleries to the glasses a better accessories to clients. I saw many stars prefers the big lenses of glasses, although they are simple but very fashionable. First of all, the big lens makes the face look smaller, which is in line with the modern aesthetic. The big black lens is the most popular choice. Many stars with cold heroes love it, because it makes them so cool. Besides, simple style could match with whatever you wear. There are various colors of the frames and lenses that you can easily find what you love. Of course you need to consider whether the color matches you or not. Find out what color matches the color of your hair and skin. If you are white skin, many colors of the frames are matching, red, black, blue or purple. If your skin and hair is darker, you can choose colors like black, white or grey. As to the lenses of sunglasses, brown, grey and black are the most popular choices.