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Is coconut oil safe for eyes?

I got a bit of coconut oil into my eyes. And my eyes feel uncomfortable. What should i do now? Is coconut oil bad for eyes?
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  • walkerpaul


    Vanuatu is a world leader in the adoption of coconut oil as a replacement for diesel fuel. Coconut oil also uses in most commercially baked breads and cakes, in nondairy creams. Well, it sounds strange that coconut oil can be treated either a food oil or fuel. To surprise, coconut oil is a natural skin protection because they can be absorbed perfectly when you apply them on hands and body. Coconut oil is light and easily absorbed into the skin leaving it satin smooth. So don't worry about a bit of coconut oil enter your eyes by accident. They won't do harmful to your eyes in a short time with a small amount. When these oil skip into your eyes, use warm and clean water flush them 2minutes, and then drop some basic drops which has functions of killing virtus, next close your eyes and stay fit. Warm tips: rub or scratch eyes just make your eyes much irritation, pain and redness.
  • Kathleen


    Coconut oil does not harm our eyes, but it makes our eyes feel uncomfortable for sure. The first thing you need to do is cleaning, soak your eyes in pure water or physiological saline, milk and solution can also be helpful. Then rub your eyes slightly, try to blink your eyes to make the oil gathering. Repeat this if the oil still in your eyes. Use artificial oil to relieve your eyes in the end.
  • Jason


    Do not worry, there have nothing serious to hurt your eyes. The coconut oil is natural and full of potassium, magnesium, sugar, fat, protein, and vitamin and abundant of trace mineral factor which need by your body. It would nourish the skin. If a bit of it get into your eyes, because it is the foreign body in your eyes; the eyes are the subtle and sensitive organ, it will feel a little uncomfortable, it is normal. Please close your eyes for several minutes, if the tears will rush it out, you can wink your eye, and the oil will rush out of your eyes, and then use cotton swab or clean handkerchief soaking in the cold boiled water, then sweep it softy out from your eyes. Don't rub your eyes by hands, for the sake of avoiding infection by virus. It will recover soon, and nothing serious will happen.