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Does dry eye cause discharge?

Is it possible to lead to eye discharge because of dry eyes? Why my eyes feel so dry and have discharge in the corner of my eyes?
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  • chocolate_cute


    Dry eyes may cause discharges if the dryness is caused by infection and inflammation, or internal thermal. No matter what, you need to do some remedies immediately. Keeping your eyes clean is always the first step. Stop working then massage your eyes, and eye drops are also needed. Some foods can be helpful as well, such as cucumber, leafy vegetables, etc. Do not eat beef, peppers, etc.
  • manny


    Yes, it is possible to lead to eye discharge because of dry eyes. Because when you get dry eyes, your eyes can not produce adequate amounts of water, so that the oil and mucous layers can touch and this will cause a discharge. What's more, dry eye can cause eye pain, blurred vision, redness, light sensitivity and pollen, gusty winds, dry eyes or an eyelash can cause an irritation that can lead to the discharge.
  • Kelly Dalton


    As for me, eye discharges are so normal. We'll eat food and touch things that all these contain germs and bacteria. However, eye discharges occur in the corner of eyes are form of them. Generally speaking, bacteria, make-up and extra oily skin has tried to make its way into your eye during sleeping. Dry eyes are possible to cause eye discharges in that infections also lead to eye discharges. Usually the eye discharges are harmless and it is part of your body’s natural defense system, however some causes are serious, but there are treatment options. Some eye problems can cause eye discharges, while eye discharges also lead to eye disorders. For instance, conjunctivitis and pink and eye swelling or visual changes. If you feel eye pain, please go to see a doctor. Plus, do not use the same towel with other people because you 're possible to suffer yourself or others the problem Towel is the beat home for bacteria and also give them a good place to spread quickly.

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