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What are good essential oils for black eye ?

I get black eyes because a hit. Is there any good essential oils can help me?
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  • etje


    Black eyes can disappear naturally in 2 days if your blood circulation is good. It may last for long time if the blood circulation is poor. Lots of essential oil have the utility to promote the blood circulation, such as olive oil. And vitamin E and B also help people reduce the black eyes. Massage your eyes with olive oil and vitamin E oil. But before that, you may need warm compress.
  • Katelyn smith


    Yes, there are a lot of essential oils can help your black eyes. For example. you can use almond oil because it contains palmitic acid and retinol, which has an excellent moisturizer for softening and smoothing your black eyes.What's more, you can use eucalyptus oil, since it can reduce puffiness and swelling around your black eyes. Have a try and good luck!
  • walking_poeticx


    Black eyes are most commonly due to eye injury and face injury. I think the most unwell is the blacks are so noticeable, I don't like them. Black eyes will irritate other eye problems, such as pink eyes, red eyes and dry eyes. Then your eyes begin to feel irritation, pain and burning. In order to heal them in a short time, people seek all kinds of ways. That is, different people use various ways to solute this confusion. Tea tree oil is one kind of aromatherapy oils. In China, tea is the common soft drink like coffee in western countries. I have heard that tea tree oil can help to build normal blood circles and reduce extravagated blood, even does works on swelling. Meanwhile tea contains high vegetable oil and vitamins which are good to protect wrinkles and white skin. If you're a girl, you must see that tea facial cleanser, tea masks and tea skin protection. All in all, tea tree oil works for black eyes indeed. You can apply them on injury eyes and massage by fingers round by round 10 minutes once a day.