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Can pink eye cause eyelashes to fall out?

I got pink eyes. Also, i noticed that my eyelashes fall out gradually in these days. Why?
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  • Nathan harris


    Pink eyes are caused by infection, and the eyelashes may be effected. So, you need to cure pink eyes as soon as possible. Keep using artificial tears, they can resist bacterium, and cure the infection radically. And make sure your eyes are clean all the time, leave bacterium nowhere to breed. 8 glasses of water every day is always needed, and you need to take more fruits and vegetables, avoid eating beef and peppers.
  • walking_poeticx


    Generally speaking, pink eyes is actually one of reasons to give rise to eyelashes fall out. The pink eye is also called conjunctivitis, which is caused by the infection of viral or bacterial on the surface of the eyelid. Usually, it was infected by touching from hands to eyes. It will influence our normal normal process of metabolism. However, the eyelash is a kind of hair in people' body, so that it has its own lifecycle. Although the eyelash has one of the shortest hair lifecycle, which is between 3 to 5 months, its' lifecycle will still be effected by pink eyes. Therefore, your eyelashes fall out gradually in these days. To relief the symptom, you may try to mix a little olive oil and red wine together, and daub the mixture on your base of the eyelash using cotton bar before you sleep every night, which can help stimulating the growth of eyelash.
  • Ana clive


    Well, it's hardly to lead to eyelashes fall out during your pink eyes. Eyelashes will fall out everyday like hair, this phenomena is the basic embodiment of metabolism. In daily life, eye flashes are not noticeable. So these days you are suffering pink eyes and found that eyelashes falling out. All these just you pay little attention on them in daily life. However, your pink eyes must be healed. Pink eyes, also called conjunctivitis, which owns many symptoms included headaches, eye pain, watery eyes, burning eyes and eye dry. These symptoms are the most common signs of pink eyes. Pink eyes because of infections and they are afraid of bright light and hot wind. Allergies also one of causes of pink eyes. Thus you must hold counsel with an oculist and seek the real causes of your conditions included eyelashes falling out. By the way, do not rub you eyes with fingers, or virtus and germs can easily skip into them and make conditions much worse than before.

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