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Carlos rodney


What happens if i put my contacts in the wrong eye ?

My eyes have two different prescription. I just want to know what will happen if i put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes?
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    Only use left eye but ordered for right will that hurt my eyes
  • walkingthesky


    Ok, it seems that you are worried over this matter. Anyway, if you happen to put the wrong lenses into your eyes, you are going to feel different , nausea, dizzy, and very uncomfortable, because both your eyes might be different in terms of myopia.So you have to be careful with that and make proper use of your eyes. Try to mark each one of your contact lenses to prevent such occasion.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, you can easily found that, if you have a different prescription for your left eye and right eye. If you get blurry vision, then you have worn wrong contacts. However, It won't cause damage to your eye if you accidentally put in the wrong contact, but wearing the wrong prescription for an extended period of time could damage your sight in the long run. If your vision is ok with your contacts in, you should have nothing to worry about.
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  • Jon


    You will feel uncomfortable. Just like you say, you have two different prescription, whether right or left is heavier, the other side will certainly feel uncomfortable. Let's say, if your left eye is -1.00, but you put -2.00 diopters, your will feel dizzy, on the contrary, you can not see things clearly. And this will also have damage to your eyes. If you can not distinguish which one is right, you can go the glasses store, and the salesman will help you.
  • Noah james


    The one eye with heavier prescription may have less clear vision. If you continue to wear then in the wrong eyes for a long time, the eye with lighter prescription may get worse in vision. The prescription of that eye may improve. P.S. This is a way for you to distinguish the one with heavier prescription from the other. When you can't find which one is the heavier prescription one, just try both of the lenses on your eye having high prescription and see things in distance to see which lenses allows you to see clearer. And that one must be the heavy prescription one.