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Does the 3ds Cause Eye Damage?

I am just wondering whether 3ds will cause any eye damages to our eyes. Some people say it will while others say not. Is there any persuasive ideas?
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  • ryan


    Dear friend, I think 3ds will cause damages to our eyes. You can just think about the easiest question that reading too much will ruin our vision too, so does 3ds. if the people tell you that 3ds will not damage your eyes, he or she may possibly care about their games only. The long time of playing 3ds will lead to dry eye and eyestrain in the early procedure and then will impair vision in the long run.
  • b1eedingthrough


    3ds may cause eye damages. But you can stop playing 3ds and rest your eyes for 15 minutes every hour and apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs. We all know that our brain will receive the flashing screens that flickers 3 layered screen to get a 3d effect, we may suffer from eyestrain, dizziness, or nausea at the same time.