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How Does Diabetes Cause Acute Glaucoma?

I have diabetes. And I am suffering from glaucoma too. But it is not very serious. I want to know whether the glaucoma will go worse with my age. Will diabetes cause acute glaucoma? How to prevent it?
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  • coldshadow05


    Diabetes will cause acute glaucoma if we ignore the health of our eyes. So I strongly suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor regularly or the time when you find there is some change in your eyesight. When the fluid in the anterior chamber in our eyes cannot drain properly or drain too slowly, the patients may suffer from glaucoma for fluid buildup and pressure inside our eyes.
  • classynottrashy


    Diabetes will cause glaucoma. If the situation went worse, this may lead to acute glaucoma. There are closed angle and open angle glaucoma. The patients who suffer from closed angle glaucoma often experience pain and rapid vision loss. The patients who suffer from open angle glaucoma may not feel any symptoms or even slight loss of vision. The best way to prevent acute glaucoma is to have your diabetes treated with medicines and have your eyes checked regularly.