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Makayla raphael


Can Eye Problems Cause Headaches?

I have blurred vision and headaches. I was diagnosed to have diabetes recently. I heard that diabetes will lead to blindness. Really? How to treat my blurred vision? Does this cause my headaches?
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  • Marissa edward


    Eye problems caused by diabetes will lead to blindness. Some eye problems will cause headaches too. I think blurred vision is a sign of eye problems that caused by diabetes. You should have your eyes checked regularly to prevent blindness. And you'd better have your blood sugar and blood pressure controlled by pills or a healthy diet.
  • campbell


    Eye problems may cause headaches. Diabetes is one of eye problems that may cause headaches. And diabetes may cause blindness too. Now you just have blurred vision. But it is a sign of eye problems. Your blurred vision may caused by high level of blood sugar. You should have your blood sugar controlled to prevent blindness.