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What causes redness and swelling around the eyes

I suffered from redness around the eyes. I have no idea what causes it since i didn't hit them or hurt them. Also, it looks a little swelling. Why? Is it a sign of eye diseases? Any idea?
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  • crockettcastle


    Dear friend, don't worry. I think your redness and swelling around eyes is just a sign of an eye infection rather than eye disease. Or maybe it was caused by long time of using computers or lack of sleep in the night. I suggest you to put a piece of ice on your closed eyes and rest for a moment. The coolness can relieve your swollen eyes. And the water into your eyes can lubricate your eyeballs and release your redness. Usually the symptom will go away on its own few days later if you catch up with enough sleep at the same time.
  • hands4god


    Maybe your redness and swelling was caused by allergens. go away from the allergens will help relieve your symptoms. But red and swollen eyes can be caused by many reasons. It is really hard to tell what caused your problems. You can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes first and then see an eye doctor for detailed examinations. Hope you will be fine soon.