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James taylor


what causes itchy eyes and runny nose?

My eyes feel itchy, and i got runny nose. What does it mean? Is it a sign of cold? Or i got eye diseases such as eye infection?
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  • walgru


    Dear friend, you itchy eyes and runny nose may be caused by a cold. Do you have a cold recently? You can see a doctor and take some medicines to treat your cold. If you cure your cold, your itchy eyes and runny nose will be relieved too. But your itchy eye can be a sigh of eye infection too. You can see an eye doctor too.


    Dear friend, itchy eyes and runny rose can be a sign of eye infection. But I just know the allergens can lead to the same symptoms as you are suffering from. You can get away from the environment where you are living for few hours. If the symptoms go away on its own, you may possibly allergic to something in the environment.