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Diane Bradstock


Are eye floaters dangerous to your eyes?

I got eye floaters in the eyes. But my colleagues said that they are normal for people who have nearsightedness. Really? Are they dangerous if i often got eye floaters?
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  • Downeast


    If you just get a few eye floaters in your vision, it is not dangerous to your eyes. Many people will suffer from eye floaters in their life. But most of them learn to ignore them. eye floaters can be noticeable especially when you look at an area of blank or a blue sky. But if you have lots of floaters or see lots of floaters in a sudden, you must see an eye doctor immediately. It may be a sign of serious disease.
  • croatiadiary


    A few eye floaters are a common phenomenon in most people and are not dangerous to our eyes. But as you often got eye floaters, I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor for some diseases such as retinal detachment and bleeding may lead to eye floaters. Under such circumstances, you need to apply medical treatment or surgery to get rid of eye floaters.