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How to treat swollen eyes due to allergies?

I got eye allergies. After taking some medicine, my eyes ease from itchy and pain eyes. However, they are still swollen. It looks terrible. What shall i do? Do you have any good idea to reduce swollen eyes?
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  • Ethan


    Dear friend, don't worry. You can place a piece of ice on your eyes to calm down your irritated eyes. Maybe there are still some allergens in your eyes. Your eyes will produce water to flush the allergens out by intrinsic self-defense. And the water from the ice can also help wash the allergens out.
  • Andrew hill


    Usually, we can avoid the allergens to get rid of allergy. As to the swollen eyes caused by allergens, we can apply cucumber treatment to relieve the symptoms. You can put a bar of cucumber into a refrigerator for about half an hour and then take it out to cut it into thin pieces. Then put the cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes. You can also use tea bags to relieve your swollen eyes.

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