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What Are the Early Signs of Pink Eye in Children ?

My baby girl has red and swollen eyes. I don't know whether it is the sign of pink eyes. Can you tell me what the early signs of pink eye in children are? What can I do to relive these symptoms?
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  • Patricia


    The early signs of pink eye include itchy, swollen, watery eyes with a red appearance. Sometimes, a patient may only suffer from one or two of those signs in the beginning of the pink eye. If the situation went worse, you may suffer from all of those symptoms. I suggest you to apply some artificial tears to your child's eyes and then take him or her to see an eye doctor immediately.
  • Cary


    Red and swollen eyes can be the early signs of pink eye in children. But they can be symptoms of another infection or just allergic to some foreign objects. You can tell your child not to rub their eyes with dirty hands. Since pink eye is highly contagious, the children in school or kindergarten may easily get this kind of infection. So you'd better take your child to see an eye doctor and apply timely treatment.

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