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Do your eyes get bigger as you get older?

I heard that eyes will get bigger when they grow older. Really? How do you think about it?
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  • evelyn


    Actually the shape of the eyes will get bigger from we are born to about 20 years which our body is developed maturely. When we are above 50 years and get older, the muscles in the whole body will shrink to some degree. The pupils of the eyes actually look smaller because of the eyes vision. Thus if you want to look bigger at the eyes, you could wear the contact lenses to get this effect.
  • John C.


    No, it doesn't. If you are a little child, then your eyes will be bigger several years later than now. However, if not, your eyes will be much small with time flies. Aging can change many things included human appearances. The skin will be loosen and your eyes will be small because of lira.

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