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Susie Washington


How to get something out of your eye that you can't see?

I feel there are something in my eyes. But i can't see them. It is really uncomfortable. What shall i do? How can i get it out of my eyes?
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  • giles


    There are two possibility to your eyes. The first case is: there is nothing in your eyes. Your eyes have foreign feeling because of dry eyes. In common, your who suffered from dry eyes can feel foreign feeling and itch in the eyes. If so, apply some eye drops to keep your eyes moist. It would be help. There is another condition that may happen. There are somethings in your eyes( for example, they hide the eyelid of your eyes ) that you can't see. You shall try to blink your eyes as frequently as you can so as to get the dirty out of your eyes or that make you can see. And you shall remember that don't rub your eyes with finger when you feel uncomfortable.
  • Noah


    I am sorry that you have such forge feeling in your eyes. You shall blink your eyes and check your eyes carefully if there something in the eyes. If there is nothing in your eyes, it may cause may some eye problems such as dry eyes, pink eyes, eye infection etc. Check if your eyes are red (make sure the redness is not caused by rubbing them). If they are, it is possible caused by eye infection or something like that. You shall consult an eye doctor.

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