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Why does the corner of my eye hurt when i cry?

The corner of my eyes feel hurt when i cry. What causes it. And i noticed that my eyes are red. Is that mean i got pink eyes?
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  • Katelyn


    When you cry, your tears gland system will work. You may find that your eyes will feel dry when you cry. The dryness causes the hurt of the corner of the eyes. It also causes the redness of the eyes because of the dryness. That does not mean you get the pink eyes. You could go to use the warm compress to make your eyes feel better and comfortable.
  • Christian


    Well, From what I see, there is no big issues about your eyes, perhaps it is just because you lacked some sleep and have bad use of your eyes recently. Red does not, as a matter of fact, mean that you have pink eyes, for pink eyes is an eye infection which generates lots of consequences. Perhaps you just need to get some eye drops from the hospital and take some good sleep.
  • cecil


    Well, according to your description, I have to say that your eyes may get eye infection now. And that is why your eye hurt when you cry. Generally speaking, people cry and their eyes have plenty of water. But there is no hurt occurring in the eyes. And also you have said that redness exists too. So we can say it can be caused by eye infection. And that can be very dangerous for you. If you do not take some measures as soon as possible, pink eye can be possible too. For your situation, I will suggest you take some cool teabags under your eyes, and then have some cold compresses. Anyway, just be careful about it.