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Is yellow light good for eyes?

How can yellow light affect on eyes? Is it bad?
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  • Christopher giles


    The light from the laminating apparatus, the yellow light is shined from filament lamp and the white light is shined from fluorescent lamp. The filament lamp' light are mixed with various kinds of colors. And the factor of colors proportion is decided by the temperature. The unparallel proportion is leading to the color cast of led light. So the colors the light is distortive. The fluorescent lamp's tubes are always adopting the three primary colors tube. It is mild and great with color rendering. Furthermore, the flicker frequency of light is the main reason which causes the fatigue of eyes. So we suggest the use of fluorescent lamp.
  • Adam peters


    Well, looks like you are quite concerned about your eye health. Anyway, it is true that on a general basis, yellow lights are better than white lights for we humans, because yellow lights are very natural and close to sunshine, and the nature of yellow lights are less irritative to our eyes. So, if you want to study or do business indoors, try to get yellow lights instead of white ones.
  • eminentpraise


    Actually the yellow light will not be so sensitive to eyes, like red ones or other ones. It will be suitable for people. However once your eyes are not that sensitive, you may easily get sleepy during night. Thus, the yellow light may be suitable for the bedroom, not suitable for the study room.

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