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Gabriel peters


Which is better? Full rim or semi-rimless glasses?

I have a round face. What are the prons and cons of them?
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  • Angelica christian


    If people have round faces, the rectangular frames will suit them best. And full rim glasses are much better than semi-rimless glasses. Right now people who have round faces choose the rectangular frame glasses and find out they look very good. What's more, full rim glasses are more durable and it can make the lens look less thick if you have strong prescription. Therefore I recommend the full rim glasses with rectangular frame is the best choice to you.


    If you have a delicate face and want to show the maximum part of your face, you can choose the semi-rimless glasses,rimless can be much better in fact.But if you want to hide them,the full rim will be fine.The prons of full rim glasses is they are durable and won't break easily when falling down,cheaper than semi-rimless glasses.
  • walkingthedog


    If you have strong prescription,you'd better not choose semi-rimless glasses,as they will not hide the thickness very well at the bottom but full frames do a better job in hiding them. For the semi-rimless glasses,they are much more lightweight and greatly ease the pressure on the bridge of nose and eyes.Also they look much more stylish than the full rim glasses.But they are less sturdy, easy to get broken when falling down.And their price is higher than full frames.
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