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Can I still get rimless glasses with this prescription?

My prescrition is SPH OD:-7.50 OS:-6.75 PD:65 Can i get rimless glasses?
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  • walgreens_1


    Yes,you can still get rimless glasses if you ask the optician to do it for you.But it is not recommend for you to wear the rimless one if your prescription is stronger than -6.00.The stronger your prescription is,the thicker the lenses will be.You will not look attractive with them.
  • marcy bosler


    I've been wearing glasses since third grade. Until ten years ago I refused to wear them much and chose contacts instead because of the thickness of my lenses. In conventional framed glasses, my lenses stick out from the front and back of the frame. At the time I first got my rimless "frames" my prescription was -6.5. My belief is that with rimless, my lenses may be thick but the benefit is that the lenses become the "frame" and therefore there is no goofy appearance of the lenses sticking out. Let's face it, higher power corrections are coke bottle bottoms! They are thick yes, and heavy, but I LOVE them. Go for it, but understand you may never like the thickness of your lenses, but the rimless does help minimize the embarrassment of that coke bottle bottom look, you're just not drawing as much attention to them as you would with a conventional frame. Hope this helps :)
  • b3miine_x3


    Yes,rimless glasses are also available for people with high prescription.As the strength for holding the whole pair of rimless eyeglasses comes from the lens itself, we need to strongest lenses such as polycarbonate and other high index lenses. To avoid your glasses look too much thick,you'd better choose 1.74or 1.67 index lenses which can be more expensive.
  • Elijah walker


    Personally,I like rimless glasses because it will make my face more delicate.However, according to your prescription, you should have somewhat strong power in your lenses. If you get the rimless glasses, then the edge of your lens will look much thicker which will affect your appearance. I thick full frame glasses will suit you fine.

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