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Do titanium glasses worth the money?

Today, I went to an optical store together with my friend. And I saw the titanium glasses are priced very high, $1,000 a pair and not a designer one. I have no idea why they are so expensive. Do you guys think they worth the money?
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    The titanium glasses are so expensive because the cost for producing it are high.As we know,copper,stainless steel or aluminum are common in our life but titanium is scarce.It costs a lot to refine it ,also the production technology of titanium frames is more complicated than others.$1000 for an ordinary one is a little expensive,I think it worthes $500 at most.
  • Benjamin gary


    Titanium glasses usually cost very high because the current cost for refining is too high and the production process of titannium is complex. As titanium has many advantages of lightweight, corrosion-resistant, high stability, high strength, good flexibility, many manufacturers choose this kind of material to make the glasses which are popular with many people.So the titanium glasses worth the money. "
  • Shavonda D


    $1000 is too much for titanium glasses,let alone not a designer one.For me,I will not pay so much for them.However,titanium glasses are really worth to buy in an affordable price.Firstly, with its incredible resilience, titanium is also one of the most flexible materials on the planet. Frames made of this metal can be bent and elongated without being broken. Besides, due to its unique physical quality, titanium weights less than most of its counterparts in the same quantity. Subsequently, flexible titanium shades come out more lightweight than any other material.