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Can I wear glasses with a few chips on the lenses?

I put my glasses on the TV last night, and I found the bottom part of one of the lenses was chipped this morning, which might result from the heat from the TV. But the chips didn't affect my vision. Can i still wear them?
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  • John eddy


    You can still wear them if your vision are not affected.But you'd better polish the chips otherwise you will feel uncomfortable with them.My glasses once fell down and also got a small chip,but I still kept wearing them for 3 months.But you have to replace them sooner or later as they look unbeautiful.
  • b3miine_x3


    If the chips are small and don't affect your vision,you can still wear them.But it will look unshapely.If you are not fussy about the shape,it is fine.
  • Jacqueline


    Make sure it won't affect your vision, or your vision will be damaged. If it won't affect your vision and people won't notice them easily, then you can wear them.

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