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Robert Lipman


what metal is used in inxpensive eyeglass frames?

I bought a pair of metal glasses with $100 several months ago and recently I found some verdigris on the nosepiece of my glasses, so i think my metal glasses are made of copper. Are all inexpensive metal glasses are made of copper? If not, what are the other metals that are used in inexpensive metal frames?
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  • Robert


    The traditional material for mental glasses is copper alloy,and now it is also widely used in most inexpensive mental glasses.But they are prone to get corrosion and irritating to your skin. Some other materials such as nickel alloy,stainless steel,titanium are also used in mental eyeglass frames,but they are more expensive.
  • fergus


    It is normal to have verdigris on the nose pad if you wear the eyeglasses for some time,and you need to remove the little screw with a knife and clear the verdigris with paper towel carefully.Your guess is right.Most of the inexpensive metal glasses are made of copper,and there are many kinds of copper made into metal glasses,such as brass,packfong,bronze and so on.
  • Connor scott


    The materials of the metal frames are usually the copper alloy, nickel alloy and noble metal.The inexpensive glasses frames are usually made of copper alloy, so it is normal to find verdigris on the nosepad of your glasses with time going on.
  • Falcon


    Verdigris is cause by copper.I ever had that pair of inexpensive metal glasses and I also found verdigris on my nose pad. I hate it. Now I won't buy the inexpensive metal glasses again.