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What do girls think of guys with rimless glasses?

I always see people who're over 30 or even older wearing rimless glasses. I am 24 years old and wanna get a pair of rimless glasses to correct my vision. Will I look nerd and old if i wear rimless glasses?What do girls think of guys with rimless glasses?
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  • Bob Witek


    I have seen many guys wearing rimless glasses and they look more attractive.Whether you should wear rimless glasses only depends on your own style.You'd better go to an optical store to choose a pair of rimless glasses and try them on.Then you can know whether the rimless glasses look good on you.If you don't believe in yourself, just ask a girl for advice when you try them on.
  • chicomm


    It is better for you to post a picture here so that girls can see whether you are hot or not.You are only 24 ,so I think you will not look old with the rimless glasses.Most time guys with rimless glasses look pretty decent and sexy.
  • Isabelle garcia


    It really depends on how you look with the rimless glasses.Some guys look quite sexy with them,while others look quite strange.If you used to wear full framed glasses,you may feel a little inadaptation with them cuz rimless glasses need to use very strong lenses to attach the bridge and temples.But once you get used to it,you may love them and feel more confident with them.

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