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How to remove scratches from plastic eyeglass lenses?

I ordered a new pair of glasses online last month, but recently I found there were some scratches on my lenses. i don't want to exchange them cuz I don't have alternative ones. can i fix the scratches by myself?
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  • Vivid


    Here are some solutions you can use to remove the scratches: 1.Armour-Etch: This is a professional solution that can be used to deal with coated lenses. It is only necessary to spray this solution to the scratched side of the lens which has an anti-glare coating. This remover is helpful since only the coating layer is scratched, rather than the lens itself. 2.Non-abrasive toothpaste: Some eye care practitioners recommend plain non-abrasive toothpaste for eyeglass scratch repair. 3.Jeweler's rouge: Eyewear users can also get a small dab of jeweler's rouge from a jewelry store to repair scratched lenses. 4.Ammonia: It is also feasible to spray a small amount of ammonia as scratch solution. Clean your glasses first with warm water and spray any of the solution above on the lenses.Then rub,rinse and dry. You should know the process.
  • emptyheading


    Here are some methods to remove them,hope these can be helpful!First, wash the eyeglasses lenses carefully with hot water and spread soap on it to remove any dirt or residue. Second, spray a wood-cleaning spray onto your eyeglasses lenses.Third, wipe off the wood-cleaning spray with an eyeglasses cloth or soft cloth. Eyeglasses cloth has special fibers that don't further damage or scratch glasses, including glasses with plastic lenses.Forth, spray a small amount of petroleum jelly over each scratch. This will coat the scratches and fill in the crevices, making them less noticeable.Fifth, Wipe off the petroleum jelly with an eyeglasses cloth. If you still see scratches, repeat the five-step process again. If your scratches are particularly deep, you may have to get your lenses replaced. Source:
  • Mya


    Do as follows to remove the scratches on the plastic lenses: 1. First use a polishing cloth to clean your glasses lenses. 2. Use a grease pencil to draw a round circle to encompasses the scratch area. Then use the grease pencil to color the entire area that have encompassed. 3.Use a clean polishing cloth to rub the lens gently.Then the scratches will be less noticeable. "