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How to choose plastic frame?

I used to wear metal glasses but now i want to change for a plastic one. Any suggestions for choosing plastic frames? I'll appreciate it very much if you guys can help.
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  • tommy


    There are four factors that you should not neglect when choosing plastic frames:style, color,craft and label.Choose one that is stylish currently.Keep the frame flat before your eyes to check if the color of arm are different.Open and close the arms to feel its flexibility.
  • Alexa murphy


    In fact,I think there is not much difference in choose plastic frame or mental one.When you are choosing a plastic,trying it on is much necessary to see if it matches your face and can be placed correctly on your face,whether the point of support is stable and if it is comfortable to wear etc.Also you should check it's workmanship of welding spot,symmetry ,gloss,flexibility of arms and so on to assess its quality.
  • CeCe Bazel


    There are many types of plastic frames for you to choose. Before you select one that suit you fine, you should know your face shape,skin color and your own preference. Different personal style needs different kinds of frames.You'd better try them on when you begin to select your plastic frames.
  • Faith fergus


    Plastic frames have different shapes for you to choose, such as, round, oval, square and rectangle.You can choose any type according to your face shape.