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Does bilberry help cataracts?

I heard that bilberry is good to people with cataracts. Is this true? Does bilberry treat cataracts?
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  • Nathan


    Yes, it is quite true that bilberry is helpful for people's cataracts. The bilberry is general considered as an improvement to eyesight. Being one of the most valuable and edible herbal remedies, it possesses of vitamin C that provide moisture for the eyes and make the eyes look bright. It also contains various potential health benefits, such as antioxidant agents that can penetrate through the bloodstream easily. Besides, it can mediate a detergent-like perturbation of cell membranes and light-induced damage to the cell, reducing the retinal pigment epithelial cells with age and in some retinal disorders. What's more, bilberry can be used to treat many other diseases, such as urinary tract infections, scurvy, and digestive problems. To prevent cataract, you can use bilberry meanwhile eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially fruits and vegetables with vibrant colors. After using bilberry for a period of time, you can visit an ophthalmologist to see whether it helps improve your cataract.
  • cheergirl024


    Yes, there indeed exists a saying that bilberry is good to people with cataracts. But bilberry can not treat but prevent cataracts. You can find lots of scientific researches have reached the conclusion that bilberry is useful to lower the incidence of cataracts. The reason why bilberry can help prevent cataracts is that bilberry contains anthocyanoside flavonoids which is a kind of powerful antioxidant that play an important role in preventing cataracts. Since cataracts can be caused by several different factors, for example, free radicals, bilberry obviously can treat cataracts all the time. So, you can use bilberry in the process of guarding against cataracts but not treating it. By the way, too much use of bilberry may cause muscle spasms due to its high amount of tannins. Please be careful.
  • coulisse_16


    Yes, bilberry is good to people with cataracts. Cataract is occurred in the eye lens which a kind of eyes disease. Any lens of turbidity can be called cataract. But when lens opacity is lighter and not appreciably affect vision, it will not be found or be ignored. Cataract is the most common cause of blindness and visual disability. There are many sorts of reasons such as aging, genetic local dystrophy, immune and metabolic abnormalities, trauma poisoning radiation that can cause lens metabolic disorder. It can cause lens protein deterioration and produce cloudy. It is called cataract. However the bilberry can be regarded as the tea drinking which can be used as medicine for urethral disinfectant. The red fruit jam is edible when fresh. It tastes sweet and sour. It diuresis antiphlogistic effect which can make your eyes feel bright and clear. You could also keep the good diet and the good rest to help you with your cataract.

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