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neva taylor


Is it better to often switch beteween contacts and glasses?

I often wear contacts whenever I go out and usually wear my glasses at home. Is this better than wear glasses or contacts all the time?
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  • vincent


    Yes, this is the best way for you. I’m nearsighted, too. And I often switch between contacts and glasses, or I wear contacts or glasses depend on what I do. For example, when I go out for some important occasion, I wear contacts. When I sit in front of computer, I wear glasses. I did this for several years, it is better for my eyes. Let me tell you the reasons. You know that wearing contacts will make our eyes lack of oxygen, so when we switch them to glasses after less than 10 hours, our eyes will not be hurt. In the other hand, glasses sometimes have no good for beautiful. What’s more, glasses have worse visual effects than contacts as only the center of the lenses can make you see clearest. So, please don’t worry, you’ve master the best way to wear glasses and contacts.
  • Kevin percy


    Sure, wearing contacts all the time can make your eyes lack of oxygen and cause irritation. What you are doing is the most healthy way of wearing contacts to make more oxygen gets into your eyes. But it might take a little while for your eyes to adjust when you change from contacts to glasses.
  • chilloutsha


    Switch between contact lenses and glasses have no harm to the eyes. But when you wear contact lenses, it is very easy to make bacteria or virus get into your eyes, which can damage your eyes. So in general, ophthalmologist may suggest you wear glasses all the time, if you need to wear contact lenses, you should pay attention to hygiene. In addition, because contact lenses are close to the cornea, so the degree may be higher than glasses.
  • Barry


    Yes, it is. If we often wear contacts only, our cornea will be easily hurt, so do the glasses. Wearing the glasses merely for a long time would cause exophthalmos and make our eyes out of shape. Our eye doctors and the eye experts often suggest us to wear glasses for some time and then change into contacts. It will make our eyes more comfortable. Therefore, we really need to often switch between contacts and glasses.
  • Jada shelley


    Contacts will make you free from the feeling of wearing something on you, however, there are bound to be some side effects. Also, it is not a better choice to be without contacts. So, often switching between glasses and contacts will give your eyes a chance to rest, consequently, you will feel better.