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David cook


How to prevent eyelashes from falling out?

Recently I found my eyelashes keep falling out. How can I prevent this?
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    For body hair, eyelashes have the slowest growth rate. In general, an eyelash often needs two month to grow out after it falls out. The main reason of its falling out is that it is dry around your eyes, frequently using of mascara is also the common reason to make the skin around your eyes be dry. Although a lot of mascaras add fiber protein or vitamin content, they are wrapped by the main component of wax and pigment, which can not play the effect of maintenance. You can try to reconcile a little olive with a little wine, and then use a cotton swab to wet your eyelashes, this approach can help to stimulate eyelash growth.
  • baker


    If you often use mascara, don't forget to remove your mascara every night by a gentle makeup remover, specifically designed for removing eye makeup. If you don't wear any eye makeup, the culprit causing eyelashes falling out could be your diet. Have you gone on a diet that restricts proteins or other necessary nutrients? Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will help keep your eyelashes healthy.
  • Tyler george


    Eyelashes fall out from time to time, normally the lifecycle is between 3 to 5 months, as the hair somewhere else on the body. So that we call it is the metabolism process. However, it should be prevented if the eyelash fall out too much once. If you are a girl, you should pay attention to your makeup. And maybe you get eyelid infection, you should use some eye drop to prevent this situation any more. If one of these two possibilities are fitted to your situation, you had better consult the eye doctor to check what exactly your problem is.