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What's the goop in my baby's eye?

When my baby wakes up, there is some goop in his eye. It is like pink eye. But his eye is not red or blood shot. Has this happened to anyone else's baby or do you have any suggestions?
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  • Ryan warren


    If it is not pink eye, it may be clogged tear duct. Its very common in babies! Dont worry about it unless her eyes become red or she starts to run fever. Use a warm rag and hold it on the eye then wipe from the outside corner into the center and down the side of the nose. If you are breastfeeding, drop a drop or two of breastmilk into her eyes and she'll be able to open them in a matter of seconds.
  • Ethan edward


    If your baby have the goop when he or she born, it may be the barrier of nasolacrimal duct, if your baby has the goop only in these days, it may be infection, or may get inflamed. You can use the saline flush to help your baby to wash eyes or use some eye drops. But I recommend you should go to the hospital and let your baby have an examination.

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