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Brittany green


What are nice hairstyles for square faces with glasses?

I have a square face. And i wear my glasses for vision aids. Now, i want to make a new look by changing my hair style. Do you have any suggestion?
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  • walkdawalk23


    Square face has a strong, square jaw line and a square hairline. An appropriate hairstyle can help soften your square face with glasses. Short and medium but not very long hair style look the most matching to your square face. We suggest that the cut ends of your hair be near your chin so as to elongate your face shape. Also, straight hair is considered to emphasize your square face shape and to have your hair made with some waves and roundness can help a great deal to soften it. And if possible, have your bangs cut wispy which will make you more atracting when you are wearing glasses.
  • Jada


    Curly hair with bangs may be suitable for your square face, it can make you more fashionable. You need bangs and some curve to soften your strong lineament. The length can't be too long. You face can be framed by the curls of her shoulder-length hair. nerd glasses are also popular this year, so you can choose a pair of nerd glasses to match your new haircut. You won't look dull with the combination your these fashionable factors.