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Can bilberry help eye floaters?

I just wonder if bilberry can help people reduce eye floaters? How?
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  • walkdawalk23


    Yes. I have suffered from eye floaters and found that bilberry can help eye floaters. As we know, eye floaters are an kind of eye disorder which means the uncontrollable flying of the blood cells in the eye. Then how can bilberry help treat eye floaters? It is owing to the unique features of bilberry. Bilberry has been scientifically proved to be useful to improve out night vision. Moreover, bilberry is an useful ingredient as a home remedy for eye disorders like eye floaters. You can buy some bilberry extract in any cosmetic stores and apply them to the floated eyes. Again I should tell you that unlike medical treatment home remedies like bilberry will not cure your eye floaters immediately. So be patient.
  • Kelly gary


    The bilberry contains organic acid, saccharides as well as some vitamin C, ellagic acid, β-sitosterol, fupenzic acid. They are the necessary nutrients supplement to the eyes. The symptom of eyes floaters will represent the black dots which float follows the movements of your eyes, just like flying mosquito. The shape of the dots may be circle, oval, spot or threadiness. The vision will be effect by this symptom in certain extends. It may be caused by eye inflammation or intraocular hemorrhage. It may affect the retina and become worse. From the above description, we can see the bilberry may help to increase the nourishing of eyes but may have little function with the disease of eye floaters.

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